A film by Kate Jessop
Based on a letter by Stefano Gabbana


Dear Domenico, 

I have never written a letter to you. 

Maybe because between us there was never a need for many words. 

We always understood each other with a look. 

This is my first time writing to you, and I must confess, all of this feel strange to me. 

When someone interviews us, the phrases we exchange chase each other quickly, in a game of continuous throws and returns: I start one sentence and you complete it; you are still expressing a thought, and I interrupt you, retorting and concluding your initial idea. 

With pen and paper everything is different: words are more difficult, they have a deeper value that will remain unique, unique just as you are and will always be for me. 

From nothing together we created Dolce&Gabbana and with the strength of our love, we created all we have now. Supporting each other, we overcame many difficulties and prejudices. And still today, thanks to that feeling which binds us indissolubly to each other, we continue to face together the joys and sorrows that life has in store for us. You are my family. 

Several years have passed since I heard your voice for the first time on the other side of the telephone: everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. The love I felt then has only transformed, but continues to gift me wonderful feelings. 

You are, and always will be, unique in my life, such as unique is and will remain this letter I’m writing to you. 

I love you.