Main partner of the Movieletters 2016 project was the Jane Goodall Institute, an international non-profit organization founded in San Francisco (USA) by Dr. Jane Goodall, whose studies on the behaviour of chimpanzees have changed the way of understanding our relationship with other animals. Since 1977, the Institute has built a worldwide network of people who, united by a common spirit and technology, commit themselves to improve the quality of life on the planet.

The invitation – conveyed through the competition and addressed by the founder of the Institute to all young people representing the future of the planet – was in particular to participate in the international program for the environmental and humanitarian commitment Roots & Shoots :

“I encourage you to get involved with our Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots movement which has members of all ages, kindergarten through university (with more and more adults joining in) in 140 countries. You just need to get together with a group of your friends and, between you, chose three projects to make the world a better place. One project to help humans, one to help other animals, one to help the environment. Or you can work on one big project that incorporates all three.”

Dr. Jane Goodall


Find out more: www.rootsandshoots.org/