Handwritten letters become source of inspiration for original short films produced by filmmakers from all over the world and commissioned by the Letters’ Festival in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival and Cinemambiente. This is Movieletters’ project: a unique mix between letter writing and film making that, throughout the years, has given birth to wonderful works of art.



For the 2016 edition of Movieletters’ competition, film directors from around the world were invited to make short films translating into cinematic language the words contained in the letter written by Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Peace Messenger.



In 2008 we produced cartoons on the basis of young writers’ letters. The theme of the little letters in 2008 was nature seen through the great imagination of children.

The main novelty of 2010 was the twinning between Letters Festival & London Short Film Festival. The results of this collaboration were two masterpieces: “Dear Mummy” based a letter written by Helene Muska and “Dear foreigner” based on the letter of Maria Cristina Lorenzini.

In 2011 we took a step forward: we involved four quoted contemporary film makers from whole over Europe and asked them to transform Vittorio Gassman’s letters about beauty into a series of short films. The result was a unique international project in the service of art, celebrated both in Milan and in London, during London Short Film Festival.

In 2012, thanks to the collaboration with Confindustria’s radio station, we selected some of the most meaningful letters written by Italian self-employed workers and owners of small firms who are trying to face the financial crisis with dignity. The Letters Festival short films gave voice to this men and women, in times of great economic difficulty.

In 2013 we focused on an important theme: tolerance. In collaboration with the Harvey Milk Foundation of San Francisco, we asked to international film makers to transform Harvey Milk’s letters in short movies.

In 2014, in collaboration with the magazine Marie Claire, we collected “letters to an ex” written by italian personalities as Stefano Gabbana, Carolina Crescentini, Fabio Troiano, Ivan Cotroneo and Amanda Sandrelli. These letters transposed in film were presented in Milan in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival.